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Compassionate Attorney Helps Spouses Handle Divorce Positively

Experienced lawyer delivers comprehensive legal advice

While no marriage breakup is easy, effective legal representation can help you navigate the divorce process successfully while building a solid foundation for the future. My firm is committed to guiding husbands and wives through the tough times and finding solutions that allow families to move ahead confidently. As a diligent and enthusiastic advocate, I am able to provide my clients with skillful representation honed over more than 20 years of practicing family law on Long Island. From my office in Port Washington, I work not only to deliver the best possible results, but also to use alternative dispute resolution methods whenever possible to save you time and money. But whichever forum you choose, I will work closely with you to understand your goals and then collaborate on a plan to best achieve them.

Safeguarding parent-child bonds in custody and visitation matters

If you have minor children, no aspect of your divorce is more important than creating a strong framework for their care. Even when other items in a divorce are disputed, it is almost always beneficial to reach agreement on these issues, which involve:

  • Legal custody — Legal custody gives parents the legal authority to make important decisions regarding their child. When joint legal custody is awarded, each parent has a say in the child’s medical care, education, and religious upbringing, among other issues.
  • Physical custody — Determining a child’s primary place of residence can be a complicated and contentious matter. Questions of safety, caregiving, education and routine must be considered. I use my background working on behalf of families and children to find creative solutions that benefit both.
  • Visitation rights — A noncustodial parent is entitled to frequent and meaningful time with their child unless that contact would present a risk to the child. My firm works toward a resolution that allows children to move past the trauma of a divorce and maintain strong relationships with each parent. I help draft, negotiate and execute visitation agreements that clearly specify each party’s rights and obligations, including provisions for holidays and transportation.

When a compromise is not possible, courts make determinations based on what they believe to be in the best interests of the child. Should the matter go before a judge, I will make the strongest possible argument on behalf of an arrangement that enables the child to grow up in a safe, supportive environment.

Dedicated assistance for the establishment of appropriate child support

Noncustodial parents are required by law to pay child support until their children turn 21 years of age. In setting a support rate, courts rely on a formula that examines the income of both parents, but other factors are considered as well. When special circumstances exist or financial information is misleading or inaccurate, I will bring that to the court’s attention.

Detailed counsel on New York’s new maintenance rules

Spousal maintenance, commonly referred to as alimony, has been adjusted in New York. Courts now must review 20 factors, such as the duration of the union and the earning ability of the parties, to determine payment terms. I prepare a comprehensive case in support of the fairest possible result. Temporary maintenance, which covers the period while a divorce is pending, is usually based on a set calculation.

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Dina M. De Giorgio represents Long Island clients in divorce litigation and related matters including post-judgment custody and maintenance actions. Please call 516 767-1231 or contact me online to schedule a free telephone consultation. My office is in Port Washington.