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Mediation Resolves Conflicts

Skilled counselor helps clients minimize time, expense and stress

No divorce is easy, but when couples engage in a cooperative process to resolve disputes, they can concentrate on the future rather than arguing over procedural matters. At my  firm,  I am dedicated to promoting mediation as an effective tool for Long Island family law clients in divorce, custody and other cases. As either a neutral third party or advocate for clients during the mediation process, I have seen how even wide differences between parties can be closed without the effort, expense and stress usually associated with adversarial litigation.

I help parties to reach consensus

Unlike most legal actions, family litigation involves personal relationships that even the most diligent judge can never completely understand. Moreover, the parties often need to communicate effectively long after the case is closed, especially when children are involved. Given these circumstances, mediation provides many benefits, including:

  • Control — Litigation is controlled by the court’s priorities and procedures, not yours. Scheduling must conform to other actions that might be before a judge. Breaking up a marriage automatically generates uncertainty for spouses and children, but taking charge of the dissolution process through mediation allows husbands and wives to exercise control over the proceedings.
  • Cost — Because litigation is so time-intensive, legal fees can accumulate quickly. Even simple communications and requests must often be conducted according to the formal rules of the court. In mediation, issues where there is mutual agreement can be handled promptly and efficiently.
  • Peace of mind — People often assume that mediation only works when there is little to no conflict between divorcing spouses. This is not the case. My advocacy and dedication to protecting clients’ rights is no different in a courtroom or a conference room. Working toward consensus means that you have authority over the ultimate disposition of important issues that will affect you for many years to come, rather than waiting on pins and needles to hear a judge’s ruling.

I understand that mediation won’t work in every case, so I remain a steadfast advocate for clients in court when that forum better serves them. However, if you are looking for an alternative that allows you to reduce the money, time and stress involved in your divorce, I can provide a detailed outline showing how mediation might work for your situation.

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Dina M. De Giorgio represents Long Island clients in family mediation proceedings and also serves as a  mediator. Please call 516 767-1231 or contact me online to schedule a free telephone consultation. My office is in Port Washington.