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Knowledgeable Long Island Divorce Attorney Protects Spouses’ Rights

Skilled lawyer with a passion for helping clients

When you make the decision to divorce, it’s a decision that will affect every part of your life. But experienced legal support can help you anticipate and overcome the difficulties associated with ending your marriage. I draw upon more than 20 years of experience as a family law attorney who has helped Long Island clients safeguard their rights and those of their children. My background allows me to craft individualized solutions for each person I represent. This includes making every effort to resolve issues such as child custody, spousal maintenance and property division through negotiation and mediation when it is in your best interests. For any family legal matter, I will work with you to develop clear objectives and guide you toward a successful result — one that lays a firm foundation for the next chapter of your life.

Responsive family law counselor provides exceptional advocacy

Whether your family conflict is bitter or relatively amicable, an experienced  attorney can help meet your specific needs. People rely on me  to guide them through their legal case for numerous reasons, including my:

  • Strong community reputation — For more than two decades, clients throughout Long Island have recommended me to their families and friends as a trusted advocate. I work diligently on behalf of those I represent and the community at large in private practice, pro bono work and government service.
  • Responsive service — I understand that divorce is a time of great uncertainty, so I am committed to answering clients’ questions promptly and clearly. When you are represented by my firm, you know who is working for you and where your case stands.
  • Cost-effective representation — Family law attorneys have a responsibility to help their clients emerge from their difficulties in the strongest position possible. I believe this commitment includes maintaining affordable fees so that you have the best chance to succeed going forward.

If you are unsure what steps you should take in bringing your marriage to a close, I can help assess your situation during a free telephone consultation.

Personalized legal support for marital disputes and related issues

I advise  clients on a wide variety of family law concerns, such as:

  • Divorce — You can count on my firm for comprehensive divorce representation that focuses on finding a resolution that suits your priorities and values.
  • Family mediation — Even difficult marital disputes can often be resolved more efficiently and affordably through mediation. I help couples as a  mediator or as an advocate in these proceedings.
  • Maintenance — New York has changed the rules on spousal maintenance, formerly known as alimony. I can also advise you on how the complicated series of factors used to determine maintenance applies to your situation and what you can expect in temporary maintenance while your divorce is pending.
  • Child custody and support — I assist parents in child custody and support matters so that they can safeguard their children’s right to a safe, healthy environment and their own rights to maintain a strong bond with their kids.
  • Equitable property distribution — My firm argues for the fair division of marital property pursuant to New York’s law of equitable distribution. As this does not necessarily mean an even split, a thorough review is essential in ensuring that all relevant factors are brought to the court’s attention.

Even when emotions are high and legal arguments are complex, I am determined to guide you through the process to bring you the peace of mind that you deserve.

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Dina M. De Giorgio represents Long Island clients in divorce and other family law matters. Please call 516 767-1231 or contact me online to schedule a free telephone consultation. My office is in Port Washington.